Billiard Tables

All of our billiard tables, installed by a Presidential Billiards authorized dealer, come with a life-time warranty and your choice of finish and furniture style tables come with customer choice of pocket style (fringe or shield).














Here are just a FEW of the beautiful tables that could be yours …
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Presidential tables have unique design features and unparalleled craftsmanship. 

We are the only company that uses exotic woods such as Rhodesian Teak, Bubinga, African Walnut, African Mahogany, and others. 

Exceptional value! Teak is valued at 10 times the price of Oak and yet our Teak tables are comparably priced 

The “Rhino-tuff” Teak is not just exquisitely beautiful; it is the hardest, most durable wood available in any pool table. Rhodesian Teak is scratch and dent resistant. This is perfect for the active family … beautiful to look at, and durable for the ultimate in longevity. 

We apply a hand-rubbed catalyzed lacquer furniture finish on all our tables. Wilson International also produces luxurious home furnishings as well as contract furniture for many five-star hotels around the world. 

Hand carving on most of our table models. This gives each table a unique flavor and embodies the character of the individual craftsman 

1” framed slate is standard on all our tables 

The accuracy and speed of the rebound off the cushions is attributable to our high rubber content in the cushion rubbers. The mass and density of the Teak wood behind the cushions further enhances the quality of play. 

The high quality of materials and superior construction methods ensure longevity and the utmost in playability under the most demanding conditions

All our pool tables have a lifetime warranty.